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End “War on Women” in Mexico, Honduras and Guatemala: Nobel Laureates

March 7, 2012


An independent fact-finding delegation to Mexico, Honduras and Guatemala, led by Nobel Peace Laureates Jody Williams and Rigoberta Menchú Tum, found that violence against women—including murder, rape and forced disappearances—has reached a crisis point in the region. The Nobel Peace Laureates are calling for concerted and immediate action to protect women—including those women doing frontline […]

Honduran Supreme Court Upholds Most Sweeping Ban on Emergency Contraception Anywhere

February 29, 2012


by Jodi Jacobson, Editor in Chief, RH Reality Check The Honduras Supreme Court has cemented the fate of women trying to avoid unintended pregnancy–whether from unprotected sex, contraceptive failure, or rape–by upholding what is currently the strictest ban on emergency contraception in the world. The absolute ban would criminalize the sale, distribution, and use of […]

Amnesty International: Honduras country report 2011

May 16, 2011


Freedom of expression came under attack. Little progress was made in repairing the damage to human rights protection and the rule of law that followed the 2009 coup. Impunity for human rights violations by military and police officers persisted. Human rights defenders were subject to intimidation. Background Porfirio Lobo of the National Party became President […]

Maria Teresa Flores, peasant leader, murdered

August 12, 2010


The peasant leader Maria Teresa Flores, who was missing since last August 7, was found dead with signs of having been tortured and then executed with shots from a firearm. Flores, mother of 14 children, was part of the Coordinating Council of Peasant Organizations of Honduras (COCOCH) and she used to head the Peasant Organization […]

Honduras: Human rights defender needs protection: Gladys Lanza

August 4, 2010


A Honduran human rights defender has received a threatening email message and a series of anonymous phone calls. Amnesty International believes that her life may be in danger. On the evening of 17 July, Gladys Lanza, Coordinator for the Visitación Padilla Pro-Peace Women’s Movement (Movimiento de Mujeres por la Paz Visitación Padilla) received an email […]

Honduras: Honduran lawyer at risk: Kenia Oliva Cardona

July 29, 2010


The car of a Honduran human rights lawyer has been broken into, her papers searched and a laptop computer stolen. Amnesty International believes that she has been targeted because of her human rights work, and she may be in danger. On 21 July, Kenia Oliva Cardona,a lawyer with the Honduran human rights organization Committee of […]

Women suffer police repression on International Women’s Day

March 9, 2010


A peaceful activity was taking place today, March 8, to mark International Women’s Day by the Feminists of the Resistance when it was repressed by authorities with the intention of disrupting the event at the National Congress and ironically, by the Women’s National Institute, INAM. According to INAM’s mission, “One of the fundamental pillars of […]