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IACHR Deplores Murders, Kidnappings, and attacks in Honduras

March 8, 2010


Washington, D.C., March 8, 2010—The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) condemns and laments the murders last month of three persons in Honduras who were active in the resistance to the coup d’état or related to activists. It also deplores the kidnappings, arbitrary detentions, acts of torture, sexual violations, and illegal raids to which other […]

Women in the resistance receive the most threats

March 7, 2010


Blanca Dole, Celeste Mejía and Gabriela Flores, of the COFEMUN directive, denounced that they are followed constantly since last December by vehicles with polarized windows and no nameplates, and receive threatening phone calls asking for abortion pills and where abortion clinics are. The Feminist Collective of University Women (COFEMUN) is a women’s organization that has […]

Claudia Larissa Brizuela, daughter of FNRP activist, assassinated

February 24, 2010


Tegucigalpa (AFP). A well-known activist with the Resistance Front against the Coup of June 28 in Honduras, Claudia Brizuela, was shot at and assassinated today, Wednesday [February 24] in San Pedro Sula, north of country, this group denounced. “Today at 2:00 pm, unidentified people came to the Céleo Gonzáles neighborhood, north of the city, knocked […]

Human Rights Violations: January, February 2010

February 21, 2010


Partial listing of human rights violations during the months of January and February 2010.

Pepe Lobo´s Security Forces Targeting Children of FNRP leaders?

February 11, 2010


Elizabeth Gutierrez Reyes is the coordinator of the National People’s Resistance Front (FNRP) for Puerto Cortés, the port city a half hour to the north of Honduras’s industrial capital, San Pedro Sula. She has also championed maquila workers’ rights through the labor federation FESITRADEH, and the working women’s collective COMUTRA. In 2009, Elizabeth spoke throughout […]

Kidnapped and tortured: the Martínez family

February 10, 2010


Edgar Martínez, his wife Carol de Martínez (both leaders of the resistance in Ciudad Planeta, San Pedro Sula, north of Honduras), his brother Johan Martínez, and Carol’s sister, Melissa Rivera, were kidnapped on Wednesday, February 10. The couple was kidnapped by seven hooded men and taken to the El Venado mountain region and showed visible […]

Vanessa Yaneth Zepeda, union worker, SITRAIHSS, assassinated

February 2, 2010


Yesterday a member of the Syndicate of Workers of the Honduran Social Security Institute (SITRAIHSS) was found dead in the Loarque neighborhood. As yet the security forces have not captured the executioners. In an quiet area in the Loarque neighborhood, south of the city , the body of Vanessa Zepeda, an active member of the […]