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President of the Cooperative San Isidro, Aguán, assassinated

August 22, 2011


Secundino Ruiz, president of the cooperative San Isidro, was killed in San Isidro, Tocoa, Columbus, around 11:30 am on Saturday, August 20. The now deceased campesino leader was driving a vehicle, together with the treasurer of the cooperative, Eliseo Pavón, when he was shot several times by individuals who were driving a motorcycle. Eliseo Pavón was only slightly wounded and is in his home, according to sources. The cooperative San Isidro started a  legal fight against Miguel Facussé […]

CDM Registers Facusse’s Dinant Corp., Cannot Verify HR Issues

August 10, 2011


During its July meeting in Marakesh the CDM Executive Board, which is a UN entity (UNFCCC), decided that it could not withdraw registration for Honduras’ Dinant Corporation (owned by Miguel Facusse) on allegations that it lacks logistics to review claims on Human Rights abuses at the field level. According to a media article: “Martin Hession, […]

FIAN: Big Landowners Impose a State of Terror in Lower Aguan

June 8, 2011


The Popular Network of Aguan received access to the following declaration of the National Front of Popular Resistance (FNRP) in the province of Colon . The FNRP in the province of Colon DENOUNCES, to the international community,  to national and international human rights organisms, and to the Honduran people, the continuation of the policies of kidnapping, […]

Bloody Sunday in Bajo Aguán, Honduras

June 6, 2011


José Recinos Aguilar, Joel Santamaría y Genaro Cuesta, all members of the San Esteban peasant cooperative were murdered [on Sunday, June 5 ] while driving a Nissan vehicle a few meters from the settlement. There are yet no details of how the attack occurred, read a statement by FIAN-Honduras. The report said the military, police, and […]

Campesino in Aguán assassinated by gunmen, one of several murdered in recent days

May 18, 2011


Sixto Ramos (45), a member of the campesino cooperative Nueva Suyapa, of the Peasant Movement of Aguán, MCA, was murdered at about eight o’clock on Wednesday, 18 May, shot several times from a passing car, when he was going to his organization. This is one of several murders in recent days. On May 9, Roney Diaz […]

New Bloodshed in Lower Aguan

April 22, 2011


The lifeless bodies of Tarin Daniel Garcia Enamorado, 26 years old and three children, found decapitated – and his father-in-law, Mr. Carlos Alberto Acosta Canales, five children, with his hands tied, both campesinos members of the Movimiento Autentico Campesino del Aguan (MUCA), were found in Ocotes Altos, on the left bank of the Aguan River […]

Report from Land Occupations in Post-Coup Honduras

March 31, 2011


Video report about agrarian reform in Honduras.