Vanessa Yaneth Zepeda, union worker, SITRAIHSS, assassinated

Posted on February 2, 2010


Vanessa Zepeda

Vanessa Zepeda

Yesterday a member of the Syndicate of Workers of the Honduran Social Security Institute (SITRAIHSS) was found dead in the Loarque neighborhood. As yet the security forces have not captured the executioners.

In an quiet area in the Loarque neighborhood, south of the city , the body of Vanessa Zepeda, an active member of the Popular Resistance Front National (the main opposition movement to the regime of Porfirio Lobo), was found.

Zepeda, since she became active in the Resistance against the coup, was repeatedly threatened, receiving text messages warning her that if she continued militancy in the social movement, she would be eliminated.

Human rights organizations had knowledge of the harassment suffered by the union leader, having taken the testimony of the persecution that the now deceased had been suffering for several months.

Meanwhile, the National Commissioner for Human Rights, Ramón Custodio, linked to the coup, has not commented on the execution of Zepeda, nor has he commented on any of the other victims murdered during the dictatorial regime of Robert Micheletti for opposing the breakdown of institutions.

Zepeda’s body was found in a remote location south of the city. Residents from the area say the body was thrown from a double-cab vehicle. State forensic medical examiners prevented lawyers from the National Resistance Front from making the arrangements for the recognition and removal of the victim’s cadaver to the judicial morgue.

SOURCE: El Libertador,

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