Kidnapped and tortured: the Martínez family

Posted on February 10, 2010


Edgar Martínez, his wife Carol de Martínez (both leaders of the resistance in Ciudad Planeta, San Pedro Sula, north of Honduras), his brother Johan Martínez, and Carol’s sister, Melissa Rivera, were kidnapped on Wednesday, February 10.

The couple was kidnapped by seven hooded men and taken to the El Venado mountain region and showed visible injuries from the beatings and torture they suffered. The kidnappers also raped Melissa Rivera, sister of Carol de Martínez, and another young woman who was with her. They said that the kidnappers told them they were doing so under “order from Pepe” which could mean this could be a paramilitary action.

The repression of FNRP members worsens every day, marked with the “madrugones” (home searches at early hours of the morning) imposed by Coca Álvarez in the poorest neighborhoods and bastions of the resistance in Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula.


NOTE: This incident was also denounced by COFADEH: