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Denunciation from MUCA-MI: We Reject the Defamation Campaign

August 17, 2011


The Unified Campesino Movement of the Aguan – Left Bank (MUCA-MI), in our struggle for a real and true application of integral agrarian reform, DECLARES to Honduran Society, the International Community, and National and International Human Rights Organizations that: 1. Sunday, August 14, 2011 between five o’clock and eight o’clock in the morning (5:00 AM […]

Pro-Resistance Journalist Killed in Honduras

July 20, 2011


The radio announcer Geremias Orellana, 26, was killed by a bullet in the head last Thursday July 14th during the morning in the town of Candelaria, Lempira, while driving his motorcycle on the road between the village of San Lorenzo and Candelaria. Orellana headed Radio Joconguera de Candelaria in the Lempira Province near Honduras’ border […]

FNRP does not recognize Lobo and rejects the reinsertion of Honduras to the OAS

May 27, 2011


by Giorgio Trucchi Rel-UITA (Unión Internacional de Trabajadores de la Alimentación, Agrícolas, Hoteles, Restaurantes, Tabaco y Afines) Interview with Esly Banegas, FNRP Political Committee On 22 May, Porfirio Lobo and former President Manuel Zelaya signed the “Agreement of Cartagena”, in the context of the mediation process led by the governments of Venezuela and Colombia. To […]

Human Rights are not subject to political negotiation

May 26, 2011


The Committee of the Families of the Detained-Disappeared of Honduras (COFADEH) celebrates the signing of the Cartegena de Indias Accord which permits the return of ex Constitutional President Manuel Zelaya Rosales to our country. At the same time, COFADEH condemns the language of the oligarchy aligned with the coup in the text of the Accord which refers […]

Regime continues to repress the people of Honduras openly

May 6, 2011


Thursday afternoon, after the conclusion of a peaceful demonstration against “Honduras: Open For Business” by various organizations of the National Front of Popular Resistance, FNRP, police fired tear gas and captured about eight people, including three from the Council of Popular and Indigenous Organizations, COPINH, when they reached the central park of San Pedro Sula. […]

Thousands of workers demand an end to political persecution

May 2, 2011


Thousands of Hondurans took to the streets on May Day to demand an end to political persecution, respect for human rights, the repeal of hour labor and the safe return of President Manuel Zelaya Rosales and creation of a National Constituent Assembly, among other points. The streets were flooded with people belonging to unions, employers’ […]

Honduras: the Human Rights Emergency Continues

April 1, 2011


Before the brief pause today, Thursday, March 31, due to discussions between the National Congress and the leadership of the Federation of Teachers’ Organizations of Honduras (FOMH), the citizenry suffered from the worst period of violations of their human rights. A state of emergency, without a doubt, implicating the police and army of the defacto […]

Violent eviction in Planes leaves 12 injured, one dead

March 30, 2011


One person dead, 12 wounded with bullets and several detainees, is the balance left by the violent military and police eviction today in the sector of Planes, in the department of Colón, where people were peacefully protesting. The road blockade occurred around 7 am, where protesters were disrupting vehicular circulation between the department of Colon […]

Criminalization and repression of peaceful protests

March 17, 2011


It has come to my attention that the Committee of Relatives of the Detained and Disappeared in Honduras (COFADEH) has made an urgent call to the international community to demand that Mr. Porfirio Lobo’s regime cease it’s repression and continued criminalization of peaceful protests taking place in Honduras. On March 17th, in the cities of […]

Edwin Róbelo Espinal, FNRP member, detained and tortured

July 3, 2010


The Committee of Relatives of Detained and Disappeared in Honduras (Cofadeh), expresses its total repudiation and preoccupation by the illegal detention followed by torture that Edwin Spinal Róbelo was subject to at the hands of agents of the Preventive National Police. The 30th of June at 11:30 p.m. Edwin Róbelo Espinal was in his neighborhood, […]

New threats to campesinos in Aguán

May 24, 2010


Communiqué from the National Front of Resistance in the Department of Colon, Aguan Valley, Honduras, to the Honduran people and human rights organizations at the national and international level: 1. On Tuesday May 18th of the current year, the military commanders of the National Preventative Police, the Puerto Castilla naval base, the Fifteenth Battallion, representatives […]

Murdered: two youths of the FNRP

May 14, 2010


The youths, Gilberto Alexander Núñez Ochoa (27) and Jose Andres Oviedo (26) were shot dead on Thursday afternoon, May 13, inside a home, in the second lane of Colonia Cruz Roja, kilometer 11, on the main road that leads south. Since the coup d’état on June 28 , Gilberto Alexander Núñez Ochoa (27) joined the […]

FNPR: Letter to OAS on continued repression in Honduras

April 5, 2010


Tegucigalpa, April 5, 2010 Mr. José Miguel Insulza Secretary of the Organization of American States, OAS Washington, DC Mr. Secretary General: We members of the National Front of Popular Resistance of the Honduras Republic, are an organization that brings together the most representative social sectors in the country: unions, farmers, teachers, students, intellectuals, artists, religious […]

Francisco Castillo, FNRP member, assassinated

March 18, 2010


Yesterday, Wednesday, March 17 at 5:30 pm, Francisco Castillo, member of the National Resistance against the coup, was assassinated. Before the coup, Francisco Castillo used to work for a company owned by Miguel Facusse, but his involvement in the coup made him quit his job . Mr. Castillo housed Father Andres Tamayo in his home, […]