FNPR: Letter to OAS on continued repression in Honduras

Posted on April 5, 2010


Tegucigalpa, April 5, 2010

José Miguel Insulza
Secretary of the
Organization of American States, OAS
Washington, DC

Mr. Secretary General:

We members of the National Front of Popular Resistance of the Honduras Republic, are an organization that brings together the most representative social sectors in the country: unions, farmers, teachers, students, intellectuals, artists, religious people, feminists, different ethnias, afro-hondurans, small and medium businesses, environmentalists, and progressive politicians in opposition to the military coup of June 28, 2009, which empowered a dictatorship that defends an oligarchic elite that prevents the structural changes the country needs. The groups that participated in the coup staged a spurious and illegitimate election without legitimate international observers, such as the OAS and the Carter Center, carried out under high levels of militarization, political violence and exclusion of hundreds of candidates who were forced to resign as concientious objectors due to the failure [of the government] to ensure transparency. During that election the Platform of Organizations for Human Rights reported over 240 cases of human rights violations.

Porfirio Lobo Sosa took power of the executive officen on January 27, who has touted the discourse of dialogue and reconciliation due to international pressure but with an obvious lack of real political will and has continued with the same policies under the dictatorship of Roberto Micheletti. He has incorporated [into political posts] visible faces of the military coup as is the case of General who issued the coup, Romeo Vásquez Velásquez, now manager of the national telephone company; Mr. Arturo Corrales as Secretary for Cooperation and Technical Assistance SETCO; Ms. Vilma Cecilia Morales as President of the National Banking and Insurance Commission. He has limited himself to the distribution of political posts within supportive political parties enter the system, and also those who usurp sovereignty of the people holding positions in State institutions, have now been appointed to the Superior Court of Auditors to clean the countless acts of corruption of the dictatorship, have enacted self-amnesty to fight for justice in a few cases brought, the killings continue and detention of political, maintain in the institutions that participated in the coup, as the National Human Rights Commissioner, the State Prosecutor and the judiciary that despite international report both its bias, lack of independence and high politicization, Congress National government Lobo Sosa is at the service of the continuity of the rupture of institutional order, therefore has not applied for accountability of these bodies has not unproved administrative behavior, much less has decided to request his resignation.

Accordingly, Mr. Secretary General the country is in an acute economic crisis, social, political, stemming from the countless acts of pillage and corruption of the coup regime which affects the poorest sectors, fiscal measures are paquetazos, pursued and killed peasants in just claim access to land, remains static budgets for health and education, reducing the budgets for culture and sports and agriculture, the Forest Conservation Institute, and a clear vision of national security doctrines budgets are increased security and defense. While the Health Ministry can not make new hire doctors or nurses for the most vulnerable sectors, the armed forces have been allowed to call more than 1,000 soldiers and possibly inject additional resources you entrust tasks “education” of young, obviously we leads to the militarization of the nation’s civic life.

The National Resistance Front People’s Republic of Honduras, denounce to you the following facts:

1. The organs of control and collateral as the Public Ministry, Judiciary and National Commissioner for Human Rights continue to political persecution and criminalization of social protests and political persecution judicial officials of President Zelaya in the country and in exile. The Commissioner of Human Rights presented a report to Congress, the public does not deny the violations of human rights and criticizes international agencies issued reports in this regard. Serious acts of corruption that have denounced the dictatorship of Roberto Micheletti, in parallel are not investigated and the Attorney General to justify it by administrative arguments in a clear act to protect who appointed him in office, generating total impunity to perpetrators of this brutal crime.

2. Political killings continue since the takeover of Porfirio Lobo, people over 10 union leaders, journalists, teachers’ leaders, the peasant movement and political parties have been murdered by hired assassins in a clear linkage to the allegations that Colombian paramilitaries in coordination with well-known human rights violators such as Mr Billy Joya Almendola have been hired to murder social leaders in Honduras. The last case was reported March 23 in the companion maestro José Manuel Flores, riddled with bullets in their workplace institute of public education, partner who was an active militant of the Popular Resistance Front. We count since the coup nearly a hundred people killed for political reasons.

3. Evictions ordered by judges to prosecute armed forces farmers seeking access to land, the state structure is protecting policy of concentration of wealth who oppose a comprehensive agrarian reform, allowing the presence of paramilitary groups who are pursuing and killing peasants recent cases presented on March 17 when in the valley of the comrades killed Aguan Jose Antonio Cardozo and Jose Carias and two April was murdered teammate Miguel Alonso Oliva.

4 .- Adoption of self-amnesty decree to deny us the way of justice and non-repetition of the facts. The self-amnesty decree has been enacted and applied by various military and civilian judges who raided and shut down various media (the only types of cases prosecuted), while several popular leaders remain imprisoned even as the judges they do not automatically apply to them demanding amnesty in exchange taking over of violating state security, so that the fight against the coup want to put in a situation of illegitimate and illegal.

5 .- The Militarization of society with the actual presence of active or recently retired in the ownership of several institutions of public administration, the most obvious is the case of General who issued the coup Romeo Vasquez Velasquez as Manager Telephone Company of the Honduran people, and the adoption of a Plan of country setting targets to the year 2038 as the systematic strengthening of the armed forces to protect internal and external defense, defense of national sovereignty and the Constitution … on clear messages against social demand that requires a National Constituent Assembly democratic and participatory, with the plurality of Honduras’s relations with other states.

6 .- The repeal of the Citizenship Act, which allowed direct democracy mechanisms, audit and social control, thus excluding people (sovereign) of the decision-making processes, interrupted by the coup military prevented the holding of popular opinion survey for the installation of a fourth ballot in the general election day.

Faced with this serious situation we find the Hondurans to you Mr. Secretary General respectfully and urgently request you to continue with efforts to restore democracy and constitutional order in Honduras, being essential for us to comply with the following conditions:

• The justice system must be restructured and refined, LEGALLY CHALLENGES to separate from their positions by the co-authors of the military coup, Attorney General, Judges of the Supreme Court of Justice, National Commissioner for Human Rights, Dome the Armed Forces, General Romeo Vasquez Velasquez office in the phone company people of Honduras.

• You must immediately proceed to the demilitarization of society, with the separation of military government, the dismissal of the commanders responsible for military coup and the return of the military and police to its constitutional role.

· Restoration of democracy by creating deliberative spaces, involving all sectors of national life in a comprehensive process that can discuss and decide on the need for a National Constituent Assembly to issue a new constitution, and allow us to reestablish republic with a new political and social economic order.

• The application of justice to those responsible for crimes against humanity committed since the military coup to date, which must not go unpunished, as well as serious acts of corruption of the dictatorship of Roberto Micheletti.

• The cease-exile who is the President José Manuel Zelaya Rosales, his closest collaborators, and other compatriots who should be allowed to return to the country as citizens in the full exercise of their civil and political rights.

To ensure · Freedom Democratic National Resistance Front space as a social force to express opposition to the policy of full participation in all political elections.

· Require the demobilization of armies in America involved in coups, to the effect that the military commanders and his troops met the mandates of the people and not foreign instructions.

· Urge a return visit to the country of American Commission on Human Rights, to spot check and selective recurrent violations of human rights violation and denial of justice and lack of political peace in our nation.

As Mr. Secretary and expressed the intention to cease acts of barbarism, the slaughter we are subject as a people will seek protection in the use of our fundamental rights, and our genuine interest in restoring the democratic order, building an environment of freedom, peace and social justice in the country applies the Inter-American Democratic Charter of the OAS, to be of high priority their direct involvement in restoring democracy and rebuilding the institutions in Honduras.

We take this opportunity to congratulate the Secretary to have been re-elected in office, and receive from us samples of our consideration.
National Resistance Front POPULAR

cc. Secretary O.N.U.
cc. U.E. Presidency
cc. President of PARLACEN.
cc. American Presidents.
cc. President of the European Parliament