COFADEH issues complaint about the kidnapping of a community leader by Honduran police

Posted on September 1, 2011

cruz_reinaldo_joseJosé Reynaldo Cruz Palma, president of the Patronato de la Colonia Planeta, in San Pedro Sula, was taken by force this August 30, by the National Criminal Investigation Unit (DNIC) and police, who were travelling masked and hooded, in several vehicles, according to a complaint made by their relatives to the Committee of Relatives of Detained and Disappeared in Honduras, COFADEH.

According to a testimony provided by his sister, Isaura, José Reynaldo was transported with his wife Nubia Carvajal on a bus route from Lima, Cortes, to his home in the Planeta colony in San Pedro Sula, when it was intercepted by members of these two police forces in vehicles. One of them was a gray, double-cabin Mazda with license plate BP50, and a second one was a patrol car belonging to the Preventive Police unit.

The uniformed men entered the bus and told Cruz Palma´s wife that the problem was not with her but with his spouse, who was then taken away by force.

“Later that day my family and friends showed up at the offices of the DNIC and the police, asking about the whereabouts of my brother, but had no response,” said the victim´s sister.

She said she fears something bad might happen to his brother, because a month ago he had talked on TV about a serious problem of violence in their colony, noting that several people, both police and young people, had fallen dead near his house.

José Reynaldo had also been involved in helping release people who had been captured by police, including his fellow football team members.

The woman said that “we learned from one of his co-workers, that the police had said that once my brother Reynaldo was eliminated, problems in the Planeta Colony would end.”

At the time of his arrest and subsequent disappearance, José Reynaldo was wearing a black striped shirt, burgundy slipper style shoes, blue jeans, a watch, a gold ring, and a black Blackberry with phone numbers of his relatives.

COFADEH has filed a Habeas Corpus in favor of José Reynaldo before the Court of Appeals judge, requesting that all police detention centers and other places where he could be deprived of his liberty are investigated, and that all rights taken away are returned to him immediately.

It was reported in the last minute is that a judge was appointed Executor and is expected to promptly report the whereabouts of José Reynaldo due to the severity of the case.

COFADEH reports of similar cases where relatives of people are still missing, saying that there is also police liability in these cases.

SOURCE: Denuncian ante COFADEH que policías secuestraron a presidente de patronato en SPS

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