Vice president of MUCA Killed this Weekend in Honduras

Posted on August 22, 2011

Military in Bajo Aguan

The military in Bajo Aguan

The Vice President of MUCA, Pedro Salgado and his wife, Reina Mejía, were killed on Sunday 22 in their home in the town of La Concepción around 7:40 pm. A few days ago Secundino Ruiz, president of MARCA was killed during a visit to the city of Tocoa with the group’s treasurer. “Today, August 20th at 12 noon, was murdered peasant leader, Secundino Ruiz, President of MARCA, he was shot from a motorcycle in motion, and died instantly” reported the local FNRP leader Wil Paz.

“This assassinations are some of many the death squads are performing in the area, what they want is to kill all the leaders but they will not succeed as this strengthens us to move forward,” said Vitalino Alvarez, from public relations of the MUCA.

According to neighbors and fellows of that organization, Pedro Salgado was shot with a firearm and subsequently beheaded. His wife had gunshot wounds.

MUCA leaders say these deaths are related to the agrarian conflict and aim to destabilize the peasant organization to which they belong.

FIAN Honduras section expresses its indignation in press release, “there is a huge concern at the fact so much blood in the Lower Aguán without the authorities fulfilling the responsibility assigned to them and this let continue the impunity that encourages further acts of violence”.

SOURCE: Red Morazánica de Información