President of the Cooperative San Isidro, Aguán, assassinated

Posted on August 22, 2011

Secundino RuizSecundino Ruiz, president of the cooperative San Isidro, was killed in San Isidro, Tocoa, Columbus, around 11:30 am on Saturday, August 20.

The now deceased campesino leader was driving a vehicle, together with the treasurer of the cooperative, Eliseo Pavón, when he was shot several times by individuals who were driving a motorcycle.

Eliseo Pavón was only slightly wounded and is in his home, according to sources.

The cooperative San Isidro started a  legal fight against Miguel Facussé in 1994 and recently, with a remaining three original cooperatives from  the Authentic Vindicator Movement of Peasants of Aguán (Movimiento Auténtico Reivindicador de Campesinos del Aguán-MARCA), they established themselves on INA, in the San Esteban estate, with an allocation of 471 hectares. This farm was owned by Rene Morales.

The violence in the region persists and there is no prospect in view that the authorities will put an end to it in the short term. The surveillance of police and heavily armed soldiers continues without clear results. At this time the operation”Xatruch II” is being implemented, created “to look for weapons and foreigners” allegedly implicated in the violence in Lower Aguán.

The presence of foreign fighters and high-powered weapons in Lower Aguán is a legend that the media in collusion with the police and the military created and continue to use in order to hide the true causes of the violent events in the region, that as all the world knows, has its origins in the agrarian conflict that is far from resolved.

SOURCE: Defensores en línea

RELATED: FNRP reported also that yesterday, Sunday, August 21, another campesino, Arnaldo Portillo, was killed in La Concepción. He was assassinated with machetes and fire weapons; his body left in Lempira to make it seem like they were to blame for his death.