The Honduran Regime’s Homophobia

Posted on August 3, 2011

Derechos de homosexuales“On August 1st, LGBT organization Arcoiris (“rainbow”, in Spanish), in an act of celebration in honor of their anniversary, carried out a march demanding respect for and recognition of the rights of all people within the LGBT community. The event ended with the symbolic celebration of a gay wedding in front of the National Congress and the Metropolitan Cathedral.

In response to this act, Áfrico Madrid, Secretary of the Interior and the Population threatened to apply the Law for Citizen Coexistence (Ley de Convivencia Ciudadana) against anyone who repeated those acts. In declarations to the national press he stated that: “In public spaces they should respect other compatriots who do not share their way or style of life. The police are authorized to detain any citizen who in a public space carries out acts that are detrimental to the morals and principles of the community.”

Then, in an act reflecting the double standards which are by now characteristic of the regime, Madrid encouraged the LGBT community not to restrict their lifestyle as long as they carry it out in private and not in public.”