Ex-Military from Honduras Arrested in Canada, implicated in the execution of Hondurans in the 1980’s

Posted on July 26, 2011

The disappeared in Honduras in the 1980sTegucigalpa. July 24, 2011. Ex- military and member of the sadly remembered  Battalion 316, Cristobal Gonzalez Ramirez, age 44, was arrested Friday morning in the city of Alberta, Canada according to a report in a newspaper of that North American city.

Gonzalez Ramirez has been identified by human rights organizations in Honduras as responsible for the execution of at least 100 Honduras in the decade of the 1980’s, he was arrested by immigration agents thanks to information provided by Canadian citizens after the publication on an official website of photographs and names of presumed war criminals and their accomplices who are located in the country in the north.

The ex military official had requested asylum in 2006 from the Canadian authorities. O one year later the Immigration and Refugee Board declared that he could not be admitted and planned his deportation for March 2010, but Gonzalez Ramirez disappeared.

Bertha Oliva, Coordinator of COFADEH, stated that Gonzalez Ramirez is in the list that the human rights defender organizations maintains as implicated in the execution of Hondurans in the decade of the 1980’s.

According to the information received, Gonzalez Ramirez will be the first to be detained out of a list of 30 presumed war criminals living illegally in Canada.

Information received establishes that Gonzalez Ramirez is in the custody of agents of the Border Services Agency of Canada, no detail on the crimes of which he is accused has been provided.

SOURCE: Frente Nacional de Resistencia Popular