Pro-Resistance Journalist Killed in Honduras

Posted on July 20, 2011

Geremias OrellanaThe radio announcer Geremias Orellana, 26, was killed by a bullet in the head last Thursday July 14th during the morning in the town of Candelaria, Lempira, while driving his motorcycle on the road between the village of San Lorenzo and Candelaria.

Orellana headed Radio Joconguera de Candelaria in the Lempira Province near Honduras’ border with El Salvador. He was a member of the National Front of People’s Resistance. The group formed after the coup that removed Zelaya from office two years ago. According to local friends he was an active denouncer of violations to Human Rights and Impunity.

The local priest, José Amíilcar Lara, denounced through Radio Globo that the town mayor, Manuel Bonilla, himself and Hernan Castro, who also works in that Radio Station, have received death threats.

Manuel Orellana is the 12th journalist killed in Honduras in the 2009 Coup aftermath, turning the country into the most dangerous non-war situation to report in the world.

SOURCE: Resistencia Honduras