Illegal detention of community leaders in region harmed by Goldcorp Inc’s mine

Posted on July 5, 2011


We write to urge you strongly to call the Talanga & Tegucigalpa offices of
the DGIC (Depto General de Investigacion Criminal) to inquire into the
illegal detention of Carlos Amador, a teacher and community leader from El
Porvenir, in the Siria Valley, department of Francisco Morazan, and at least
one other community member – Marlon Hernandez.

Having worked on human rights, impunity and justice issues in Honduras since
1998, and increasingly since the June 2009 military coup, Rights Action
concludes this is one more illegal and arbitrary detention of a community
leader, using and abusing the legal and penal systems as tools of

We write the Canadian embassy because we hold the Canadian government
partially responsible for the on-going situation of systemic repression in
Honduras, given the political, economic and military support the Canadian
government provides to the post-military coup regime in Honduras.

Teacher & environmentalist from Siria Valley, Carlos Amador (and at least
one other person, Marlon Hernandez) were detained this morning in their
community of El Porvenir.  The police claim to have legitimate capture
orders for Carlos, Marlon and the community leadership (patronato) & are
carrying them out.

Carlos Amador & the patronato have been long time activists denouncing
environmental and health harms caused by the Canadian gold mining company,
Entremares, subsidary of Goldcorp Inc., and denouncing large-scale logging
in Siria Valley being carried out by a wealthy family known to have a close
relationship with Entremares/ Goldcorp management.

In mid-2010, there was an incident where families of Siria Valley peacefully
gathered together to stop the entrance of logging machines on a legally
disputed piece of land.  The gathering was violently repressed & one person
was killed.

Today’s detentions are thought to have something to do with the incident.
Yet, once again, the detention “orders” are carried out against unarmed,
peaceful community leaders, not against members of the family in question
and their armed private security guards.

We conclude this is an attempt to criminalize the human rights and community
defense struggle by the Siria Valley Environmental Committee once again &
persecute those involved in resisting harms and violations caused by mining
and large-scale logging.