Zelaya Asked to Mediate in Honduran Teachers Conflict

Posted on June 2, 2011

Teachers on hunger strikeHonduran teachers who have been on a hunger strike for 28 days publicly asked former president Manuel Zelaya to intercede on their behalf for the reinstatement of some 300 suspended teachers.

The five teachers fasting in La Merced Square hope to meet with Zelaya, who returned to the country on Saturday, 23 months after a coup overthrew his government.

The hunger strike is indefinite, said one of the demonstrators, Yanina Parada.

Almost one month after they began their protest, however, the teachers’ health has begun to deteriorate, given that they are only drinking liquids.

Yanina Parada, Luis Sosa, Valentin Canales, Wilmer Moreno and Juan Carlos Caliz have lost weight, have symptoms of anemia, and some have kidneys problems, said doctors who are monitoring them.

The strikers want the reinstatement of 303 colleagues suspended for joining protests in March and April against the privatization of education, and other demands, such as the payment of back wages owed to over 6,000 educators.

SOURCE: Prensa Latina

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