Former Honduran Minister: U.S. Undoubtedly Played Central Role in Zelaya Coup

Posted on June 2, 2011

Rodolfo Pastor

Rodolfo Pastor, former Minister of Culture

After masked soldiers kidnapped the democratically elected president Manuel Zelaya on June 28, 2009, and flew him to a U.S. military base in Honduras and then onto Costa Rica, hundreds of Hondurans, fearing for their lives, went into exile. Zelaya’s former minister of culture, Rodolfo Pastor Fasquelle, was one of them. After he fled Honduras, Pastor joined Harvard University as a visiting professor where he taught courses on Latin American history. Now back in Honduras, Pastor says he is certain the United States helped engineer the coup. Democracy Now! spoke to him in Tegucigalpa over the weekend while reporting on the return trip of Zelaya to Honduras.

Interview with: Rodolfo Pastor Fasquelle, Minister of Culture under ousted Honduran president, Manuel Zelaya. He fled Honduras after the coup and just recently returned home. He is a social historian and is the author of many books and writes regularly for Honduran newspapers.