Globo TV Cameraman Suffers Savage Beating

Posted on May 7, 2011

Uriel Rodriguez

Uriel Rodriguez

Uriel Gudiel Rodriguez, a Globo TV cameraman, was assaulted by police while covering the crackdown against students from the National University in San Pedro Sula, this Friday, May 6.
Uriel has been threatened and beaten many times before by police for his coverage of the repressive police actions against the civilian population since the coup. But the attack this time was so severe that the young man was admitted in the emergency room at Mario Catarino Rivas Hospital in San Pedro Sula, and was under supervision for his weak health condition, product of the beating.

Although because of his beatings he was not cleared from the hospital, the young man had to leave because police came looking for him, putting his life at risk.

The cameraman’s fate could have been worse but for the intervention of several people who took him away from the hands of the police, as citizen correspondent Tomy Morales told

Bertha Oliva, General Coordinator of COFADEH and recipient of the 2010 Tulip Human Rights Award, said, “It seems monstrous because his attackers knew who they were attacking. This shows there is a clear persecution against journalists and the media, against those journalists who decide to tell the truth. ”

She said they pretend to silence people, generate terror. “It’s an eerie feeling, if they do this against journalists in public, imagine what they can do with other people,” she said.

She reported that the repressive forces have very good documentation on those who become their target. She made a call to the defenders of human rights around the world, “To raise their fists but not to attack rather to point to the perpetrators of these heinous deeds.”

She warned that “the violent feel triumphant now, but the world will document the facts and I am sure justice will be done to punish them.” She said they want to sell the country in pieces, submit communities from Lower Aguan and Zacate Grande but, “I say they should stop this barbarism, their violent methods will not bring the people down. With our strength we call out to the people to continue, to keep condemning this state of terror. They pursue those who disagree with them but they have lost their way, they can’t make the people retreat.”

She also called on to the international community and those funding the repressive forces to stop giving money that only serves to kill people.

Radio Globo and Globo TV under the eye of the repressive forces

Uriel’s case is one of several acts of violence against reporters and cameramen from both Globo TV and Radio Globo. Both media have constantly denounced the abuses suffered by the people of Honduras during street manifestations, when they are beaten by soldiers and the police.

On June 28, 2009, on the day of the military coup, soldiers forcibly entered Radio Globo, stopped their transmission and kept the facts of that day to go out. The radio’s director had to jump from the second floor for fear of his life. Since then, the attacks have been systematic, reason why Inter-American Commission had to issue precautionary measures on behalf of several journalists from the radio, which have never been implemented by the State.