Platform for Human Rights in Honduras condemns the violation of human rights against the country’s population, through actions by judicial and law enforcement authorities

Posted on March 29, 2011


To the national and international community, we express the following:

1. Miriam Miranda, President of the Black Fraternal Organization of Honduras (OFRANEH), was subjected to trauma, terror and illegal detention.

2. The Assassination of Professor ILSE RODRIGUEZ VELASQUEZ, one week earlier in the teachers’ protest in the capital [Tegucigalpa].

3. The assault on human rights defenders and the non-recognition of their work done in critical cases to defend detainees illegally held by country’s military bodies.

4. The persecution of leaders of the teachers’ union by the repressive policies of the military and police apparatus.

5. The indiscriminate and excessive use of force and tear gas and other chemicals against any group in the civilian population, especially teachers, regardless of the detrimental health effects, not only against protesters, but also residents of homes near the conflict zones.

6. The lack of respect for freedom of expression and the frequent violation of the human rights of journalists who cover the news in cases of repression in various media outlets, including alternative internet based media.

7. The issuance of laws and Emergency Decrees that disrespect established rights, which demonstrate the suppression of these rights and the imposition of measures contrary to those contained in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of which our country is a signatory.

8. The criminalization of public protest and the imposition of an anti-terrorism law, resulting in the detention of all kinds of people, condemning them to be political prisoners.

9. The tear gas attacks against the “True Commission” Office, located in the building of one of the teachers’ unions in the capital and the explosion that was suffered by the office located in San Pedro Sula. These attacks need to be investigated by proper authorities.

10. The repression against the youth of different educational levels fighting to defend the quality of public education which should be provided by the State.

In this regard, we strongly urge:

1. An end to the violation of human rights of Hondurans and repression carried out by military and police authorities, under the direction of senior government officials.

2. That dialogue and not violence be the constructive way to resolve problems without infringing the rights of teachers, students, campesinos and the working class. These are the problems currently confronted by the Honduran population.

SOURCE: Plataforma de Derechos Humanos