Repression continues: 26 detained, 6 minors among them

Posted on March 24, 2011


Repression continued again today in Honduras. The Committee of the Families of the Detained and Disappeared of Honduras (COFADEH) has just called requesting urgent action on behalf of 26 people  who are being detained.  Six minors are detained at the police station Core 7.    Twenty others are being detained at the Posta de Manchen.  We do not have the phone number there.  Four wounded have been taken to the hospital.

Below is a list of all of the people who are currently being detained – including the minors.

English speakers are being asked to call the US Embassy  011-504-2236-9037 tonight – and leave a message with State Department 202- 647-3482 (Ben Gedan- Honduras desk officer).

Police have refused to let the COFADEH press person, Dina Meza, into the police station to check on the status of the detainees.

Please call to express your concern for ongoing repression and the safety of those detained today.  The 6 minors are particularly at risk.

Detained in the POSTA DE MANCHEN
1.-Andrés Adalid Romero
Identidad 1515-1978-00276 –Colegio: SINPRODOH
2.-Elvis Rolando Guillén-Colegio: COLPROSUMAH
Identidad: 0301-1982-02440
3.-Edgard Cobos-COPROSUMAH
Identidad : 0415-1979-00318
4.-Donaldo Molina-COLPROSUMAH
Identidad: 1317-1984-0089
5.-José Martín Suazo Sandoval-COLPROSUMAH
6.-Leavin Amaya-COLPROSUMAH
Identidad: 1317-1977-00177
7.-José Rolando Servellón-COLPROSUMAH
Identidad: 0415-1979-00084
8.-José Erasmo Chinchilla-COLPROSUMAH
Identidad: 0613-1975-00180
9.-Alfredo Gutiérrez-COPEMH
10.-Demnis Nuñez Bojorque-COLPROSUMAH
Identidad: 0601-1972-01256
11.-Walter Urbina Mencía-COLPROSUMAH
Identidad: 1801-1974-00897
12.-José Alex Martínez Ponce-COPEMH
Identidad: 1603-1968-00073
13.-Marco Antonio Melgar –PRICMAH
Identidad: 0415-1972-00058
14.-José Francisco Zelaya Ramos
Identidad: 0319-1959-00179
15.-Héctor Núñez (no es maestro)
Identidad: 0801-1954-05402

1.-Wendy Yamileth Méndez Campos
2.-Nuria Evelin Verduzco Bendaña
3.-Linda  Merlina Guillén
4.-Ingrid Lizeth Sierra
5.-María Auxiliadora Espinoza

1.-Brayan Antúne (17)
Identidad : 0801-1993-10036
2.-Abner Moisés Alvarado (17)
Identidad: 0801-1993-18981
3.-Enrique Alexander Mejía Ferrera (17)
4.-Raúl Oquelí Zepeda (17)
5.-Mario Leonel Valle (17)
6.-Milton Noel Rodríguez  Padilla (17)

SOURCE: Cofadeh