Police and military raid the National Autonomous University of Honduras

Posted on March 23, 2011


Dozens of police and military have again raided the National Autonomous University of Honduras (UNAH), where thousands of students are receiving classes.

Students had taken over the boulevard bordering UNAH when the repressive forces proceeded to remove them and they took refuge within the educational institution, where they were followed by agents.

This is the fourth time this kind of repression has taken place. The last time was on the 5th of September when the police took control of the university campus in the early morning and captured union members Cristian David Durón Durón and Antonio López Mendoza, who were sent to court in an effort to criminalize their labour struggle.

Members of the police’s special force COBRAS as well as military elements first threw large quatities of tear gas onto the campus, then entered the property. Many students fainted, vomited, and suffered other reactions due to the tear gas.

No university authority protested these actions. Each time that the regime has raided UNAH it has been claimed that the raid was requested by the university rector Julieta Castellanos.

It has also been reported that students from Francisco Morazán National Teaching University (UNPNFM) as well as striking teachers were repressed at protests today.

The police were reportedly entering homes in the neighbourhoods of Tres Caminos, Luís Landa, and El Hogar, where people who were being chased by the police and army had taken refuge. Many homeowners gave shelter to those who were pursued.

During the previous three days of repressed peaceful protests various people reported that they had been threatened by police for protecting those who sought refuge in their homes.