De facto regime violates university autonomy

Posted on March 22, 2011


Several wounded reported

In accordance with orders by the de facto regime to supress any popular demonstrations, the police and military savagely attacked students of the National Autonomous University of Honduras (UNAH) who were demanding respect for public education.

Using large numbers of tear gas bombs and without warning, hundreds of officers attacked students who were holding a rally in front of the main site of the public university in Tegucigalpa.

University autonomy violated

Military and police entered into the higher education centre in an act that disrespects the guaranteed autonomy of the UNAH and repeats the actions of the dictatorship in 2009 which was headed by Roberto Michelletti.

The repressive forces entered the university property throwing tear gas bombs against buildings where students who had nothing to do with the attack were receiving classes. Professors and administrative personnel called local radio stations to denouce the agression of the dictatorship against human rights.

At least two students were taken to a nearby hospital for emergency attention after being assaulted by the riot police.

SOURCE: Resistencia Honduras

Radio Globo in Honduras is currently reporting that police have surrounded about begun throwing tear gas bombs inside of the COPEMH (Colegio de Profesores de Educación Media de Honduras) building in Tegucigalpa. COPEMH is the association of secondary school teachers in Honduras. They are reporting that there were approximately 27 teachers and parents inside, eating and resting. Representatives of human rights organizations and the subdirector of the FNRP are on site.

The public offices of the Comisión de Verdad are also located in the COPEMH complex. There are two buildings side by side that are part of the same complex, COPEMH occupies one and the CdV office is located in the tower next to it, which COPEMH rents out.

Teachers organizations and the FNRP are calling for a national civic strike tomorrow, Wednesday, March 23.

SOURCE: Presente Honduras