True Commission Opens new office in San Pedro Sula

Posted on February 11, 2011


Comisión de la VerdadSan Pedro Sula, Honduras. The True Commission opens a new office in San Pedro Sula today to initiate a new stage in the process of dignifying the victims of the coup d’état and the subsequent regime.

After registering over 2,000 cases obtained through the tireless efforts of organizations of the Human Rights Platform and other agencies including the San Pedro Consortium, the True Commission presents the team which will provide follow up for the cases and receive new denunciations of human rights violations which have not ceased since June 2009.

The office in San Pedro Sula is located in Barrio Guamilito, 2nd street, between 6th and 7th avenues northeast on the second floor of Plaza Florian, Local 11.   The office will attend all denunciations of human rights abuses and will keep the public constantly informed regarding ways to present testimonies and process cases against violations that have been suffered. The office will also begin a series of visits to regions in the country to receive new reports of violations.

The office was inaugurated for the public today, Wednesday February 9th from 10:00 am to 12 noon with the presence of Commissioners of the True Commission – Fr. Fausto Milla and Helen Umana, Executive Secretary, Thomas Loudon and Juan Almendarez, (Center for the Prevention, Treatment and Rehabilitation of the Victims of Torture and their families CPTRT) representing the Human Rights Platform.

Attorney Brenda Mejia, coordinator of the True Commission office in San Pedro Sula, was introduced as the head of the team whose primary task is to investigate, document and establish human rights violations that have occurred as a result of the coup d’état on June 28, 2009 and those which have been perpetrated in its aftermath.  The final objective is to identify, to the degree possible, those responsible for violations according to the mandate of the True Commission.

Since its creation in June 2010, the True Commission has been dedicated to the task of dignifying those who have been directly aggressed or have lost loved ones at the hands of the coup de tat, rather than seeking to justify those responsible or absolve violators of human rights.

In recent declarations, Porfirio Lobo Sosa announced that he and the Commission created by his government did not have the mission of taking anyone to jail but to provide an explanation for events.  In inaugurating this office to serve victims, the True Commission assumes its commitment in the search for justice for those impacted and punishment for those responsible, not motivated by revenge but rather with the knowledge that without retribution, impunity is promoted.

“Without justice, there is no truth” is the message of the True Commission.  This truth can now be collected in a permanent and direct way from those who want to contribute to this process of investigation, registration and informing.

“We now have an office to serve the north western zone of Honduras that was hit hard by “official” agents and organs and where the population continues to suffer all manner of violations with no sincere effort to search for justice on the part of human rights organisms that are part of the official apparatus” stated Thomas Loudon, Executive Secretary of the True Commission.

“People can present their denunciations and everything will be registered in our system which guarantees security of your testimonies.  Our hope is that the work of the Commission serves the future of Honduras.  We do not want what has occurred with the coup d’état to ever happen again, not here, nor in any part of the world” added Loudon.