Military members denounce torture, abuse

Posted on February 3, 2011


More than 40 personnel from the “Cobras” battalion graduates in the capital city, revealed early on Wednesday during a protest of torture and abuse received within this elite group of police.

From a place of confinement, soldiers who took refuge in anonymity, made desperate calls to human rights defenders to visit the headquarters of the military unit, as they were being harassed by superiors.

The soldiers who refused to participate in the Special Operations Course COPE, which trains them in repression and popular protest containment techniques, sparked the ire of their superiors who proceeded to isolate their subordinates in open spaces, leaving them at the expense of low temperatures that prevailed during the early hours of the day.

The unit that during the coup took part in the brutal acts of repression against the people of Honduras, were questioned recently about criminal and corrupt conduct, when at least three of them were caught red-handed robbing a savings and credit bank in a shanty town south of the capital.