The United States Wants to Test in Honduras Unacceptable Colonization through “Model Cities”

Posted on January 23, 2011


by Tomas Andino

On January 12, 2011 introduced into the Honduras National Congress was a bill that creates the “Special Administrative Region” or “Model Cities” (charter cities). These cities will be micro foreign states within Honduran territory, since, under the initiative, the State of Honduras waive the enforcement of its laws and institutions within those territories. They will have its own currency, its own government, its police, its customs, even their own courts.

Initially, the project plans to grant about 1000 square kilometers of Honduran territory for foreign contractors to install computers factories, ships, turbines, vehicles, etc. .. It will make a colony of thousands of Hondurans (as) who not only work but live there indefinitely. The inhabitants of these areas are subject to the laws established by transnational corporations and will be treated as foreigners in their own country.

The initiative is being promoted by the United States Embassy that brought the country to businessman Mr. Paul Romer to give a lecture on the subject in January of this year. Mr. Romer is known for promoting this project in other parts of the world, while Honduras appears to be the first experiment of its kind in the last decades and the first in Latin America.

This project is a kind of imperial colonization unacceptable to decent Hondurans, and that, if approved, would begin delivering our country to foreign companies and would commence the liquidation of the State of Honduras.

Translated by Organización Política Los Necios