Lawyer Abducted and Threatened with Death

Posted on October 29, 2010


A lawyer working for the human rights organization Association for a more Just Society (Asociación para una Sociedad más Justa – ASJ) was abducted by two unknown men in Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras, on 19 October. During her 40-minute ordeal she was threatened with death, and her life could be in danger.

On 19 October, at 2.15pm, the lawyer, who has asked not to be named, hailed a taxi outside the ASJ office. Two men approached her while she was negotiating a price with the taxi driver. They forced her into the taxi with them. The men ordered the taxi driver to follow their directions.

In the taxi, the two men exchanged a gun between them and then asked the lawyer “Do you work for ASJ? Who pays you? How much do they pay you? Are you investigating SETECH?” [SETECH is a private security company] (¿Trabajas para ASJ? ¿Quién te paga? ¿Cuánto te paga? ¿Estás investigando a SETECH?). The lawyer refused to answer. The men said to each other “You know we were paid to execute her …we have to carry out the plan” (Sabés que nos pagaron para ejecutarla … hay que seguir con el plan). One of the abductors said “Bitch, we are asking you a question, answer it” (Hija de la gran puta, te estamos haciendo una pregunta, contestá). They continued to ask the lawyer questions about her work.

After around 30 minutes, the two men had an argument. One of the men said that he had second thoughts, which appeared to irritate the other man, who then ordered the taxi driver to come to a halt in front of a hardware store. The abductors told the lawyer to get out by saying “Come on! Quick! Get out! […] may God be with you” (Bueno, bajese pero ya, no lo piense bajese ya […] que Dios ande con usted). The taxi drove on with the men inside and left her on the street.


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