Threats to Radio Progreso

Posted on April 16, 2010


Freedom of expression continues to be threatened and with it the liberty for the free exercise of journalism and full enjoyment of this right by the citizens of Honduras.

To the Honduran people and to the international community we denounce the fact that RADIO PROGRESO continued to receive threats because of its informative work. These threats were reported at the moment of occurence to the national police entities and to international human rights organisms.

RADIO PROGRESO reiterates that its editorial and informative position, before, during and after the coup d’etat of last June 28, has always been inspired by the necessities and aspirations of the poor population, and from that is what feeds our communicative and prophetic service.

RADIO PROGRESO, located in the north of Honduras and affiliated to the Latin American Association of Radio Education (ALER) and part of the Network of Radios of the Company of Jesus in Latin America, notes the existence of a pattern of threats, intimidation and elimination against social communicators, the proof of which is the violent death of 6 journalists in less than 40 days.

We urge the regimen of Porfirio Lobo Sosa to abide by/attend to the recommendations on respect of human rights that diverse national and international groups have demanded and in particular we demand the guarantee of respect for freedom of expression, as a cornerstone of democracy.

El Progreso, Yoro, Abril 16, 2010