Repression against radio station in Zacate Grande

Posted on April 13, 2010


Inaguration of Voz de Zacate Grande

Inaguration of Voz de Zacate Grande

We denounce that in the past days direct action has been taken against this popular communication initiative.

Miguel Facussé and its allies for years have pursued a strategy to criminalize the Movement for the Certification and Reclamation of Land in Zacate Grande, and has applied repressive measures against Voz de Zacate Grande, 97.1 FM, a new radio station in the community of Puerto Grande.

The strategy has included a general intimidation of the population through threats and questioning of people who are participating in this project, with the aim of instilling fear throughout the population.

The latest acts of intimidation took place on the day of the inauguration of the radio, when near the gate El Remolino (which gives access to the land owned by Miguel Facussé), Jose Adin Vargas Osorio, was brutally assaulted by paramilitaries who guard the roadblock. They also beat Vargas Osorio companion while traveling in the back of a pickup truck, assaulted him with the butts of their rifles in the face and body. Moreover, at dawn today, shots were fired against and stones thrown at the radio station in Zacate Grande where international journalists were staying as well as representatives of organizations in support of alternative media in our country.

We hold Miguel Facussé responsible for the aforementioned facts and alert the people of Honduras that the Community Radio Network is in permanent contact and in active solidarity with our sister radio stations and will give joint response to any aggression against our media, like we did when the radio in Triunfo de la Cruz, Falumabimetu, was attacked, burned and sacked in January.

SOURCE: Community Radio Network from Honduras

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