MUCA: Repression in Aguán imminent

Posted on April 4, 2010


The Unified Peasant Movement of Aguán, to the Honduran people and national and international human rights organizations, denounces:

1.-The murder of our colleague Miguel Angel Alonso farmer is part of the new strategy of extermination of MUCA by landowners Miguel Facusse, Reinaldo Canales and René Morales, with the participation of the army, national police and the naval base of Puerto Castilla.

2.-Paramilitary, military, and police groups are being trained in the fourth infantry battalion in Ceiba Atlántida under the command of Billy Joya in the premises of the Atlantic factory exporter in the Quebrada community, in the Tocoa municipality, and in the installations of the 15th Battalion in the Rio Claro community, Trujillo municipality, Colon department.

3.-Beginning on Tuesday, April 6, the occupied land will be intervened militarily, in a violent and bloody way, with the installation of mines and traps. This repression is being called Operation Thunder and includes measures such as the arrest and assassination of MUCA and National Resistance Front leaders as well as the mass detention of peasants and farmers.

4.-The police and army vehicles operating in Colon use the landowners private cars, are armed with AK47s, use ski masks and conduct daily operations with paramilitary forces against the MUCA.

5.-We hold the landowners, the national army, the national police, and the current government for the deaths that have already occurred and for the innocent blood that could run with the development of Operation Thunder.

FOR THE LAND, FOR OUR COUNTRY, FOR OUR CHILDREN, we will continue to fight until victory.

Tocoa Colon Honduras, April 2, 2010

SOURCE: Unified Peasant Movement of Aguán (MUCA)

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