Directors of COHDEFOR in Bonito Oriental, assassinated

Posted on March 19, 2010


Jose Antonio Cardoz and Jose Concepcion Carias, both around 50-years-old, were killed at noon yesterday by unidentified individuals who opened fire with a shotgun as the campesinos were driving home after a day’s work in the Carbonal community, Bonito Oriental, Colon Department.

The two farmers were leaders in the Brisa Cooperative of COHDEFOR, and had received death threats from the alleged land owner, Carlos Diaz, who is represented by a legal representative, said officials of the National Agrarian Institute ( INA) in Tocoa, Columbus, on Friday, March 12. The INA presented a complaint before the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

About 25 families occupy and inhabit the past 4 years about 60 acres that were once property of the Honduran Forest Development Corporation (COHDEFOR).

In the context of agrarian conflict in the Aguan, landowners in the area have stepped repression, threats and intimidation against rural families occupying land in dispute, two new victims added to the list of murders.

SOURCE: Comunicación Comunitaria