Joint Platform for Human Rights in the Lower Aguan conflict

Posted on March 16, 2010



The violence generated in Aguán is the product of a structural problem that has not been solved in Honduras and an expression of the need for profound changes in the country so that most of the population can effectively and fully enjoy their human rights.

Since the coup political-business-military executed on June 28, 2009, against the institutions of the State of Honduras, there has been an increase of deaths, persecution, threats and intimidation of some 3 thousand 500 peasant families who would like to live with dignity.

In recent months repression has intensified in many ways: low-flying helicopters and airplanes; armed commandos that menacingly go through defenseless villages; the capture, torture and murder of four peasants affiliated to the Unified Movement of Peasants Aguán (MUCA); and the inevitable showdown that has been death of landowners’ security guards, according to police reports.

This armed attack is accompanied by a systematic media campaign controlled by powerful groups in order to justify the violent raids against the settlements of farmers and to discredit MUCA’s struggle for land rights.

The Platform for Human Rights, faced with the conflict between peasants and landowners in the Lower Aguán, urges the international community and international human rights organizations to put pressure on the current regime led by Porfirio Lobo Sosa, in order to end the violence and find immediate solutions to the root cause of the crisis.

The malicious disinformation campaign waged by businessmen Miguel Facussé, René Morales y Reynaldo Canales must end, which advocates hatred, threatens the integrity and the lives of campesino families settled in this region, and members of organizations that are supporting the struggle waged by MUCA.

We demand a final solution to the conflict that inevitably must include a revision of the inequitable distribution of land and other resources.