David Enrique Meza, journalist, assassinated

Posted on March 11, 2010


David Meza

David Enrique Meza Montesinos

LA CEIBA .- Journalist David Enrique Meza Ceibeño Montesinos, 51 years old, was shot dead today in the afternoon in his car, by unidentified men who followed him in another vehicle. The car driven by David Meza crashed into a fence a few yards from his home.

David Meza Montesinos was chased by his murderers, supposedly in a double cab vehicle. When he tried to evade them, he was hit and shot a few yards from his home at about 5:20 in the afternoon.

The death of the journalist caused consternation and indignation in the Ceibeño society, nationally and internationally. Radio El Patio, where Meza worked for 30 years until his death, was filled with calls from people around, lamenting the murder of Ceibeño journalist.

According to a brief police report, the gunmen pursued the journalist up to catch a few yards from his home in the Alameda colony, in the La Ceiba sector. David Meza was shot several times and his body went limp on the passenger’s seat. The coroner and the police themselves did not provide a detailed report.

Likewise, the National Police Chief Carlos Mejia Lopez and the coordinator of the Public Ministry, Adonay Padilla, declined to give details until they have more details.

David Meza died instantly inside his vehicle, a 2008 green Kia Sportage. Motives are unknown as are the number of shots causing his death.

Meza was recognized for his extensive experience in various media such as El Patio, Ceiba Vision, BNG and Radio America. The people of La Ceiba was outraged by the cowardly assassination of a journalist completely identified with the poor and unjust causes.

Business people and political, Gonzalo Rivera lawmaker and former presidential candidate, Elvin Santos, expressed his regret over the killing of a man dedicated to God.

“I cannot believe what has happened, I have no words to express the grief that overwhelms me, God rest his soul,” Rivera said.

Elvin Santos called from Tegucigalpa to express their condolences to the family of Montesinos Meza, especially his wife Linda Cay Pandy.

SOURCE: La Tribuna, http://www.latribuna.hn/web2.0/?p=107971&cpage=1